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Typical Problems in Organisations

Does your organisation experience any of the following? If so, click on the problem to find the solution.

  • We're losing people to the competition

  • The senior leadership team lacks alignment; they operate in silos and don’t collaborate effectively

  • Leadership doesn’t effectively communicate information, priorities, expectations or changes within the rest of the organization in a timely manner, or at all.

  • Poor process or lack of support for resolving conflicts

  • Departments, divisions, business units, offices or teams work in silos

  • Low employee engagement or morale

  • Lack of trust between departments

  • Don't know who to trust

  • Leaders and employees ignore the organisation's mission

  • Not being told when things are going wrong until it's too late

  • Leaders don't know what's happening at lower levels

  • You have hardworking people but they are not producing results (competencies)

  • Poor productivity

  • The manufacturing department always underestimate the final production dates

  • The marketing department don't communicate well with the sales team

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