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Organisational Development and Employee Surveys for SMEs

We conduct surveys within small and medium-sized organisations for

Training Needs Analysis, Review & Appraisal, Identifying Talent and Employee Development.


  • Improves your bottom line by finding out what's working and what's not working in your organisation

  • Helps you make business decisions based on collective insights

  • Highlights areas of good and bad practice

  • Helps you avoid wasting money on unnecessary employee training

  • Identify and retain your high performers and potential leaders

  • Protect your business reputation by uncovering problems before they become crises

  • Helps you collect evidence for appraisals

  • Avoids paying expensive organisational consultants


Improves your bottom line by finding out what's working and what's not working.


Identify talent, retain your best employees and avoid expensive consultancy feeds,

What makes us different

In addition to conducting in-house surveys we also offer Competency Framework Consultancy. A competency framework is a document that sets out and defines each competency - for example problem-solving or people management - that is required by employees. Competencies are sometimes also called Success Factors​ or Core Skills​.

We also offer Workplace Training Animations that educate your survey particpants in how to give constructive feedback. These can be tailored to your requirements if needed.

360 Development Surveys is a product of LMS Global UK Ltd. LMS Global has 20 years' experience of providing Learning & Development solutions to organisations and businesses in Europe, the United States, Asia and South America,

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