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We provide survey-based reports within the following key areas: Organisational Development | Employee Engagement | Training Needs AnalysisReviews and Appraisals | Identifying Talent

They can all be easily tailored by us or you to your particular industry and individual needs. Most of our surveys can be run for any level of employee seniority, from Executives to Operatives, though some are applicable for particular levels only.


General surveys involve multiple employees' feedback on topics such as the organisation, their department, their team etc.


360° Feedback Surveys help you get a more objective (via multiple employees' feedback) viewpoint on an individual employee's behaviour, skills, performance etc., or a group of individual employees.

Organisational Insights (General Survey)

Our flagship survey is an ideal first survey that gives your an overview of your organisation from the employees' point of view. It is aimed at leaders who wish to get a fresh perspective on their organisation and how to prioritise improvements.


Purpose: This survey and report harnesses your employees' experience, insights and ideas in order to help you identify your organisation's strengths and weaknesses, problems and solutions.

A Suggestions for Improvement section lists actions you can take to mitigate any problems, weaknesses or threats identified by the respondents.

The report:

  • shows overall scores for the main areas of your organisation, e.g. sales and marketing, customer service, the management.

  • shows detailed scores for individual areas such as health and safety, and product or service quality.

  • Gives clear suggestions for improvements, linked to the score results.

It can be used for:
  • Prioritising organisational development improvements

  • Harnessing feedback and creative suggestions from your workforce

  • Getting employees' perspective rather than just your own

  • Uncovering hidden problems before they become crises

Alternative purposes:

  • to give a voice to employees and uncover their needs

Organisational Insights

Employee Engagement (General Survey)

Employee engagement is defined as the energy, commitment and positivity employees have for their work, their team and the organisation that employs them. Engaged employees add value by being highly productive and motivated to perform at their highest level. They tend to be more loyal, stay with the organisation longer and encourage others to do the same.


Purpose: To provide an organisation-wide (or department-wide) snapshot of the general level of employee engagement.

A Recommended Actions section lists suggestions that will help you enhance the levels of engagement of your employees.

The report:

  • shows the extent to which the organisation enables its employees to be fully engaged

  • shows to what extent employees make an effort to engage fully with their work

  • shows what proportion of employees are and aren't currently engaged

It can be used for:

  • annual benchmarking, i.e. to see changes in employee engagement over time

  • to see the effect on employee engagement of training programmes, employee development or a culture change programme

  • benchmarking against other organisations (within a specific sector) average results

Alternative purposes:

  • to give a voice to employees and uncover their needs

Employee Engagament
Training Needs Analysis
Review & Appraisal

Training Needs Analysis Reports

Training Needs Analysis reports are used to assess gaps in performance and identify what training or coaching would address these.

Departmental Training Needs Analysis 360 (General Survey)

Helps you understand where the performance gaps are within a particular department.


Industry-Specific Training Needs Analysis 360 (General Survey)

Identifies where the performance gaps are within a specific industry, e.g. Retail, Food, IT Services, Clothes, Warehousing, Government, Finance, Pharmaceutical


Employee Resilience Assessment 360 (360° Feedback Survey)

Helps you see which individual employees would benefit from resilience training or individual coaching

Essential Soft Skills Assessment 360  (360° Feedback Survey)

See which individual employees would benefit from soft skills training

Employee Development 360 (360° Feedback Survey)

Identify gaps in performance in individual employees that can be addressed by informal self-study, coaching or specific training modules.

Assessing Individual Managers' Leadership Skills 360 (360° Feedback Survey)

Assess the leadership skills of individual managers. Can be used in conjunction with a Leadership Programme.

Assessing Initiative 360 (360° Feedback Survey)

Assess the level of initiative and resourcefulness within individual employees at all levels of the organisation. Can be used as precursor to a Developing Initiative training programme.

Assessing The Team 360 (360° Feedback Survey)

Assess the team itself and the individual team member's ability to work well within a high-performing team.


Review & Appraisal Reports

Review and Appraisal reports are used to get all-round feedback on performance or particular initiatives


Employee Performance Appraisal 360 (360° Feedback Survey)

Purpose: To identify strengths and performance gaps in individual employees.

Manager Feedback 360 Link (360° Feedback Survey)

Gain feedback on individual managers from their team.

Online/Home Working Team Leaders Assessment 360 (360° Feedback Survey)

Get feedback on team leaders and how they are managing the home workers.

Values Assessment (General Survey)

Find out how aligned employees are with the values of the organisation

Executive Assessment 360 (360° Feedback Survey)

Gain all-round feedback on specific executives' performance.


Identifying Talent

These reports are used to identify which members of staff may be suitable for promotion.


Identifying Potential Managers 360 (360° Feedback Survey)

Find out which employees may be suitable for a management role

Identifying Potential Senior Managers 360 (360° Feedback Survey)

Discover which managers may be suitable for a senior management or executive role


Surveys Tailored for Training Programmes

We can work with trainers, consultants and HR departments to develop survey reports that can be used in conjunction with specific training programmes such as a Leadership Development Programme, Time Management, Assertiveness Training and Ambassadorship Training.

Identifying Talent
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