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Losing Staff

You're losing good people to your competition but you are not clear why this is happening. It could be because the competition pay more or it could be other reasons connected with the way your organisation is run.

Employees leave organisations for a variety of reasons including:

  • Poor pay

  • Frustration with lack of support in delivering objectives

  • Issues with a particular manager

  • Lack of challenge 

  • Lack of career path 

  • Lack of opportunity to develop skills

  • Poor work/life balance

  • Dislike of the culture or values

  • Lack of autonomy/wanting more independence

What's the solution?

The solution is to identify the root of the problem, and this is done by asking the right questions of the right people. To do this, we run employee surveys on behalf of organisations in order to gain as much relevant information and feedback as possible. If necessary they can be customised to your requirements, for example by adapting the language to your organisation's culture.

Once the survey is complete we present you with a report containing a clear summary together with detailed data. If required we can also offer course-of-action recommendations, consultancy or coaching to help you transform the situation.

You can see our full list of surveys but for the problem identified above we recommend any of (or a combination of) the following:

Employee Engagement Survey

Gain insights into what promotes or hinders engagement in your organisation.

Identifying Potential Senior Managers 360

Identifies which managers may be suitable for a senior management or executive role.

Identifying Potential Managers 360
Identifies which employees may be suitable for a management role.

Employee Development 360
Identifies gaps in performance that can be addressed by informal self-study, coaching or specific training modules, e.g. time management, assertiveness, ambassadorship.
Turning Managers into Leaders 360
Helps you promote greater leadership in one's existing management.

Developing Leadership 360
Helps you increase leadership at all levels of the organisation.

Developing High Performing Teams 360
Identifies gaps in a team's performance.

Developing Essential Soft Skills 360
Identify gaps in an individual's performance.
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